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Personnel partner of the local working life.

Our goal is to create employment and growth, responsibly and sustainably.

We are the personnel partner of local working life, we know the people and local conditions.


Staffing service

Our staffing service helps you obtain the ideal personnel solution for your needs, quickly and flexibly. Efficiency also applies to the length of employment; an employee from us can join your company for a day, a week or even several months.


Behind every successful team is not only excellent team management, but also the right player selection. Go On can make its strong recruitment skills available to client companies for their own employment relationships. Finding the right employee is one of our key skills.


We handle the recruitment of managers and experts in a highly professional manner, even when suitable candidates are unavailable. We perform hybrid recruitment and headhunting confidentially, according to the wishes of both the applicant and client company.

Research services

Feelback is a modern research house whose mission is to transform knowledge into competitiveness and success. We collect, interpret and refine information for the needs of your entire organization.

International recruitment

The constantly growing need for skilled workers is a reality in many industries. In these situations, the eyes should be directed outside our borders - to international recruitment. Go On offers a comprehensive international recruitment service on a turnkey basis.
HR-asiantuntija osoittaa puhelimen näyttöä iloisesti hymyillen.

Go On Academy

By utilizing the Go On Academy online induction environment, the leased employee is familiarized not only with Go On employment matters, but also with the operations and work tasks of the client company before starting work duties.


Outplacement supports trainees during challenging periods of change after the termination of employment. The goal of coaching is to provide good transferable skills for jobseeking on today’s market, while identifying competences in order to make re-employment easier.

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